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Writing as Gini Koch
From DAW Books
The Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Katt Series

(coming December 2017)

Aliens Like Us
Alien Galaxy
Aliens Rescue
Alien Reckoning

From Zombies Need Brains

    A Clockwork Alien    

    Alien Time Warp    

    Missy the Were-Pomeranian
the Masters of Mediocre Doom

    Alien Epilogue    
    Coming Soon
All Hail Our Robot Overlords!
"A Kitty-Bot's Tale"
(Coming 2017)

"H.P. and Me"
(Coming 2017)

From Abaddon Books


    All The Single Ladies    

    A Study in Starlets    

From UFO Publishing

    Live at the Scene    

    Support Your Local Alien    

    The Problem with Poofs    

From IDW Publishing


Self Published
    The Necropolis Enforcement Files Series

(coming 2017)

The Martian Alliance Chronicles Series

Martian Alliance 1-3
(The Royal Scam, Three Card Monte and A Bug's Life)
together in one volume



Writing as Anita Ensal
From DAW Books


Being Neighborly

From Eposic

(Out of Print)

Self Published

Writing as A.E. Stanton
From Graphic Audio
The Legend of Belladonna Series
Natural Born Outlaws - audio book
(Coming 2017)

Self Published
The New West Series

The Deacon of Desert Springs
(Coming 2017)

(Coming 2018)

Writing as G.J. Koch
From Night Shade Books
Mass Market Re-Release
(Coming June 2017)
From UFO Publishing
    Coming Soon
"Alexander Outland: Space Jockey"
(Coming 2017)

Writing as Jemma Chase
Self Published

Writing as J.C. Koch
From Zombies Need Brains
    Coming Soon
"The City Beneath the Sea"
Coming 2017

From Cold Fusion Media

From Titan Books

Little Lady

From Cycatrix Press


From Constable & Robinson

With Bright Shining Faces
"The 25 contributors to this superior anthology have all mastered the considerable challenge of fantasy worldbuilding in the confines of the short-story . . . Fantasy fans will savor these stories and then eagerly hunt down their authors' longer works."
(Publishers Weekly)

From JournalStone

Red River Valley

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